Volcanic Ash

Volcanic Ash

Rainfall Rate:

The Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) rainfall rate algorithm generates the baseline rainfall rate product from ABI infrared brightness temperatures and is calibrated in real time against microwave-derived rain rates to enhance accuracy. The algorithm generates estimates of the instantaneous rainfall rate at each ABI IR pixel. The information provided by the quantitative precipitation estimation is used by forecasters and hydrologists in flood forecasting.

About Visible Band 1

0.47 µm (Micro Meter) - Blue Band - Visible band 1 is in the blue portion of the spectrum. It is particularly useful for detecting atmospheric aerosols such as smoke and dust. (daytime only)

Full disk IR Ch13

The 10.3 µm (Micro Meter) atmospheric “clean” infrared window band, improves atmospheric moisture corrections, cloud particle size estimation, and surface property characterization in derived products.