UV Index Monitor

Suggested Protection Measures

If you must be out in the sun, especially between 10am and 3pm when the UV index levels are highest, practice the following simple protective measures and precautions:

  • Limit exposure during midday hours or seek shade
  • Wear protective clothing and UV-blocking eyewear
  • If you burn easily, cover up, and apply broad spectrum SPF 15+ sunscreen where necessary to the exposed parts of your body
  • Protect babies and young children

UV Index

The UV Index is a simple and useful way of describing the danger levels of solar UV radiation intensity that people are exposed to at the earth’s surface. The values of the index range from zero upward – the higher the value, the greater the potential for damage to the skin and eyes and the less time it takes for harm to occur.

Small amounts of UV are beneficial for people and essential for the production of vitamin D, but over-exposure may result in harmful and long-lasting health effects on the skin, eye and immune system. Sunburn is the best-known harmful effect of excessive UV radiation exposure but over the long-term the most harmful effects are known to be cataracts, premature aging and possible skin cancer.